Educational work

The department carries out educational, methodical and scientific research work on the academic disciplines of the professional and practical direction:

Their assimilation allows to successfully perform official tasks in the conditions of emergency situations and everyday service, to organize and protect the population and objects of all kinds of property in the extraordinary situations of technogenic and natural nature from the consequences of accidents, disasters, natural disasters. The system of training at the department is aimed at maintaining the established order, proper service, raising the level of special training of students, forming cadets of skills and practical skills.

The department participates in the training of qualified specialists of the educational degree «BACALAVR» in specialties 261 «Fire safety» (specialties «Fire safety», «Audit of fire and technogenic safety», «Automatic systems of fire and technogenic safety» and «Fire extinguishing and emergency»), 263 «Civil security» (from the specializations «Civil protection», «Labor protection», «Occupational exposure and occupational risk examination» and «Telecommunication systems in management»), 161 «Chemical technology and engineering» (from specialization «Radiation and chemical protection»), 101 «Ecology» (specialization «Environmental safety») and 053 «Psychology» (specializing in «Extreme and crisis psychology» and «Human resources»), and since 2008 the Department has started training of educational specialists degree «BACALAUR» in the specialty 263 «Civil security» specialization «Engineering support of the engineer, pyrotechnic and explosive works», according to which the department is a graduation. For successful solving of educational tasks, the Department has five specialized classes and a laboratory for «Radiation, chemical and biological protection».

In addition to the basic educational work, the staff of the Department actively participates in conducting classes in the system of professional training with the leadership of the university, in measures to increase the readiness of the university units to actions for appointment, preparation and celebration, provides practical assistance to the training units.

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