Faculty of civil protection


A brief history

History of the faculty began in 2004 when, according to the "Program of development of education and research activities of educational institutions and of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine for 2003-2008." was created Institute of Continuing Education, located in the village Vatutino of Kharkiv region. Subsequently, the institute was transformed into the Faculty of training officers of Operative and Rescue Service of Civil Protection and teaching staff, and in 2005 - to the Faculty of Postgraduate education of management staff and experts in the field of civil protection. The staff of the faculty was relocated to the Kharkiv in the former military training faculty of Kharkiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture. Since then entered a new phase of development of educational, technical, scientific and financial basis of the new university department of civil protection Ukraine. In connection with the reorganization of the organizational structure of the University on September 1, 2009 Department renamed to the Department of Civil Protection.

Head of Faculty - Ph.D., Colonel of the
civil defense service Mickael M. Udyanskiy


The task of the Faculty is to train specialists educational levels "bachelor" in "Civil Protection", "Civil Protection" (professional focus - Firework training), "Civil Protection" (professional focus - operation of telecommunications systems and networks); "Specialist" in the fields "Civil Protection", "Civil Protection" (specialization - software engineering sapper, fireworks and blasting), "Management in the field of Civil Protection"; "Master" in the fields of "Civil Protection", "Management in the field of Civil Protection ',' Management of Fire" by the state order for preventive work to prevent emergency situations of technogenic and natural character and create conditions for their elimination, organizing and conducting training, training and specialization of specialists with higher education as monitoring and prevention and tactical profile who work in agencies and SES subdivisions and, under the law, contracted out to other ministries and agencies, educational institutions, research institutions, enterprises and organizations of Ukraine; training and retraining (second higher education) persons for specialties, which are trained in university as a distance learning. Feature of the faculty is that among three SES higher education institutions only our faculty of civil protection prepair professional pyrotechnics for public order. Students enrolled in this specialization training meetings held annually, where under the direct supervision of experienced professionals in practice reinforce obtained at the Faculty of theoretical knowledge in the identification and neutralization of explosive devices.

At present in our country there is a great need in these professionals. Training at faculty is going for more than 70 academic disciplines. At present time on faculty there are 21 people of teaching staff who have a scientific degree, including: 2 Doctor of Sciences (Technical Sciences), 1 Doctor of Sciences (Public Administration), 18 Ph.D: 12 Ph.D.(Technical Sciences), 1 Ph.D. (Psychology), 1 Ph.D. (Pedagogical Sciences) 2 Ph.D. (Military Sciences), 2 Ph.D. (Law sciences).

Faculty Experts consult on preventing fires, develop recommendations, guidelines and techniques for the safe operation of facilities, technical hazard assess potentially dangerous objects and objects of heightened danger. Take part in the development of legal acts to increase the level of fire safety and technological facilities, prevention of emergencies, mass-raising efforts. Specialty "Civil Protection" on different courses trained 245 faculty cadets and  26 magisters.

Faculty graduates are prepared to deal with organizational, technical and engineering problems of technogenic safety, identification and certification of high-risk and potentially dangerous objects, monitoring the implementation of technological safety rules, organization and legal support prevention activities of SES units, mass-outreach and public education guidelines fire and Technical Safety of Ukraine.


Contact Information

Full name: Faculty of civil protection of National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine.
Address: 61039 Kharkiv, Bavarska street, 7
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61039, Kharkiv,
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