Formation of the Department of pyrotechnic and special training (PiSP) began in September 1992, when the establishment of inter-agency training complex Kharkov Institute of Civil Engineering - Kharkov vocational school (KHISI - HPTU) in its composition based on the series "Military and physical training" HPTU (head cycle - Colonel vn.sl. Bronishevsky BP) was formed department of the same name (Head of the Department - Lt. Col. vn.sl. VI Nikitin). The department maintained its name in the further reform of the institution (1994 - Kharkov Institute of Fire Safety (HIPB)). In 2000, when converting HIPB Academy Fire Safety of Ukraine (APBU), the department has received a new name - "Special and physical training" (heads of department - Colonel vn.sl. VI Nikitin (until 2002) and k.t.s. vn.sl. Metelev Colonel AV (until 2003)). In 2003, the conversion of the department were created: the general academic department "Physical training" (Head of the Department - Major vn.sl. Krasnokutsky NI) and the Department of" special training" (Head of the Department - Lt. Col. vn.sl. Sumtsov Y.A.) in the Faculty of fire and rescue forces APBU and later - civil Defence Academy of Ukraine (AGZU) (since 2004). In 2005, as head of the department was appointed Ph.D. Major vn.sl. Barbashin VV Since 2006, when AGZU was reformed at the University of Civil Defence of Ukraine (UCDU), Department joined the faculty operational and rescue forces UGZU was called - "Organizations provide civil protection in emergencies" (Head of the Department - Lt. Col. sl.gz. Barbashin V.V.). In 2009, after assigning the status of the National University (NUGZU) of organizational and staff activities, as well as in connection with the opening in the walls of our school a new specialty - specialist disruptive and pyrotechnic work - Department acquired the name" pyrotechnic and special training" faculty civil Protection , which until January 2013 headed by the colonel civil protection Barbashin V.V. From November 2014 to December 2021, the department was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor, сolonel of the Civil Protection Service  Igor Tolkunov. From December 2021 he headed the department of Ph.D. from the state. Management, сaptain of the Civil Protection Service Alexander Shevchuk.

Department PiSP is an educational and scientific structural division of the Faculty of Civil Protection National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine, provides an educational process in all faculties NUGZU, and also carries out educational, methodical and scientific research. Currently, the department is stationed on the territory of the school's campus on the street. Bavarian, 7 (educational building number 2, III floor).


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