History of the Department

The department was established in September 2009 on the basis of two departments: management and economics (generally university); management and organization of activities in the field of civil protection (it was part of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, which was re-profiled in the Faculty of Civil Protection). Such reorganization at the University of Civil Defence of Ukraine was connected with the further improvement of the structure of the educational institution, expansion of the list of specialties for which specialists are trained. From the time of creation till 2017 the department was headed by the colonel of civil protection service Sobol Olexander Nikolaevich, doctor of science (technical sciences), has a scientific rank of the senior researcher. Since 2017, the department has been headed by Colonel of the Civil Protection Service Tutyunyk Vadim Vladimirovich, Doctor of science (Engineering), holds the title of Senior Researcher.

There are 10 scientific and pedagogical staff in the department, including two doctors of dcience and seven doctors of philosophy. There is a laboratory assistant working with the teaching staff.

The department is located in the right wing of the first floor of one of the buildings, located on the Bavarska street, 7. The left wing of this floor is the magistracy. The department has lecture rooms and specially equipped classrooms for conducting classes with applicants for higher education.

Department of Management and organization in the field of civil protection is graduation department, provides training for higher education master's degree students in the specialty "Fire Safety" (specialization "Fire Safety Management"); in the specialty "Civil Protection" (specializations "Civil Protection" and "Management in the field of civil protection"). The department prepares applicants for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the specialty "Civil Protection".

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department teach more than twenty academic disciplines of cycles of general and vocational training and have their own development of lecture and practical materials, have the latest methods and techniques of teaching the disciplines that are used during the classes. All the subjects taught at the department are provided with educational-methodical complexes, many apply complex situational problems, developed on practical material, as well as computer technologies.

The department provides teaching in all specialties of the university, as well as students who are undergoing specialization and advanced training.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department work to ensure the proper organization of the educational process in the following main areas: the use of the latest effective methods and techniques of teaching; guidance in internships and internships; consulting in the process of independent work of applicants; guidance in preparation of master's works; raising the level of pedagogical skills of scientific and pedagogical staff.

At the research, design and technological institute of macrography, which is located in Kharkiv, a branch of the department are created and operates, where there are on-site classes of higher education applicants with the involvement of scientists of the institute.

The staff of the department is working on the development of traditional and new forms of vocational guidance work with students of secondary schools.

The main directions of the research work of the department are: problematic issues of management in the bodies and units of civil protection; development of a holistic system of approaches to the formation of a qualitative composition of the management staff of the civil protection bodies and units; modeling of activity of civil protection bodies and units; economic justification for civil protection measures.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department are working on the development and publication of manuals, monographs, lecture notes, methodological recommendations.

Since 2006, the department has been holding roundtable meetings and scientific and practical conferences at which participants discuss current issues of governance in the field of civil protection.

The department conducts the first stages of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the disciplines "Civil Protection" and "Economic Theory". From 2012 to 2016, the department was the organizer of the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the discipline "Civil Defense", which was attended by students of higher educational institutions from different regions of Ukraine. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department prepared the applicants for higher education, who became winners and winners of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the discipline "Civil Protection", winners of the All-Ukrainian Student Research Contest.

During the existence of the department 10 of its scientific and pedagogical staff got the PhD degree.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department take part in the work of: the Scientific and Methodological Commission on Military Sciences, National and Civil Protection of the Higher Education Sector of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; Civil Protection Section of the Scientific and Technical Council of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine; specialized scholars of the University Councils.

The staff of the department daily works to ensure the educational process, the implementation of curricula and programs of educational disciplines, carries out educational-methodical and scientific activities. But not only are the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department living in the fulfillment of their official tasks, their lives are full of various interests that give creative impetus.